Abbey Boilers fully qualified gas service engineers have a wealth of experience in both Baxi and Glowworm LPG back boilers. We carry most common spare parts on our Abbey Boilers vans.

A back boiler unit (BBU) is a boiler that is built in behind a gas fireplace which provided hot water and central heating. Back boilers were popular during the 70s and 80s when conventional boilers were much larger than current systems and much more difficult to install. But with millions of homes still having these units we provide servicing, repair or when the times comes replacment of a more modern heating system by a fully qualified gas engineer

We operate in HorshamWest Sussex,  Surrey and South West London. Here you can find a full list of our service area of coverage



Baxi being the most common back boiler lasting well over 25 years but due to their past popularity a comprehensive range of spares are still available.  The need to carry an annual service is important due to the type of flue system used.



Despite their age the popular Glowworm back boilers are still going strong but the need to carry out an annual service is very important due to the type of flue system used.