LPG Boiler Servicing


We specialise in the servicing of LPG boilers which not only improves the life of your boiler but also ensures that it runs more efficiently which means that it is environmentally friendly and kinder to your purse by way of fuel bills.

Our boiler Abbey Boilers breakdown service comes highly recommended and where possible we always try to get your boiler repaired on the same day as our initial appointment, but sometimes we do need to make a second appointment as we might need to order the parts if they are not available on our vehicles.

Apart from the normal LPG boiler service,  we can also service your LPG gas fires and other LPG gas heating appliances to help prevent the possibility of a breakdown and ensure your continued comfort, safe use throughout the year.

We operate in HorshamWest Sussex,  Surrey and South West London. Here you can find a full list of our service area of coverage