Abbey Boilers trained service and repair technicians are fully experienced in all types of gas cookers installations in Horsham, West Sussex and West London.


Advantage of a Gas Cooker

Gas Cookers has the advantage of creating a damp heat which can keep food moist whilst it is cooking. Although the heat distribution can become uneven by rising to the top, it does allow food to be cooked simultaneously at different temperatures.

Flame Supervision Device

From 1st January 2008 all gas cooking appliances for use in flats and other multi-dwelling buildings cannot be installed unless they contain Flame Supervision Device. A flame supervision device is part of the gas burner system and detects if the flame is extinguished and cuts off the gas supply. Our installation team will be unable to fit any cooking appliance into a flat or multi dwelling building if it is not fitted with this device. Speak to our Gas Safe qualified engineer to check if your appliance meets this new regulation.

Advantage of a Gas hob

The advantage that the heat source (namely the flame) is highly visible when lit, reducing the risk of accidents. The pan supports are usually made from enamel or cast iron - enamel supports can be cleaned in a dishwasher, but become brittle over time. Iron supports are far more durable, but can't be put in a dishwasher due to the risk of rusting.

Our Installation

Abbey Boilers engineers which are fully insured and in uniform will install your gas cooker for you, we can disconnect your old cooker and replace with the new one, Please note that gas cookers being installed in flats must incorporate a Flame Supervision device (see above). Please contact us for any question you might have.