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Boiler Trouble? Common Problems & Their Causes

 Boiler Trouble?  Common Problems & Their Causes

Here at Abbey Boilers, in Horsham, West Sussex, we come across a number of common boiler problems...


If you got a leaky boiler system then it is absolutely best to call out an Abbey Boiler Services professional. Leaks and drips generally mean an internal component is faulty - like the pump seal or pressure value. If you’re finding leaks around the pipes, radiators, and joints then it’s either because the system has been installed poorly or you are experiencing corrosion. 


Definitely not what you want on a cold winter morning! Broken airlocks and diaphragms, thermostat issues, a low water level, or valve failure could all be the problem here. Some of these challenges you could perhaps tackle yourself, but it’s trial and error if you don’t know what you’re doing. Talking to an Abbey Boiler professional would be advisable. 


Well, this one’s easy to spot, isn’t it?! No flame/pilot light on the boiler. This could be due to a mechanical issue stopping the gas supply or simply a draught coming from somewhere blowing it out. Before attempting to re-light the pilot flame, please check your gas supply is turned off. If you have any doubts, it’s best to leave it to someone who knows’s what they’re doing. 

The advantage of getting your boiler serviced now ahead of winter with Abbey Boilers based in Horsham West Sussex

The advantage of getting your boiler serviced now ahead of winter with Abbey Boilers based in Horsham West Sussex

Thermostats & Timers

At Abbey Boilers, here in Horsham, West Sussex - one of the key areas we see our customers having trouble is unreliable thermostats and timers. With a thermostat located in an awkward place, like an attic, cellar, next to a window or cooker, it can rec havoc with the temperature reading and cause your heating to come on at all sorts of odd times. 

Malfunctioning or complicated digital boiler controllers/timers can also make things difficult - especially for older residents. 

Pipe Insulation

The benefits of fitting out your house with pipe insulation are two-fold. As we all know, when water freezes, it expands. Now imagine the water in your household pipes freezing during a particularly cold snap in winter. A burst pipe and an ugly situation you don’t want to be dealing with. And you don’t have to. By adding pipe insulation to your boiler system you’ll ensure that the water in your pipes never dips below freezing temperatures. 

The second benefit? Pipe insulation is also going to reduce your energy bills. 

Ask one of our Abbey Boiler service professionals more about pipe insulation during your autumn service.

Power Flush your system
Want another money saving tip? Get a Power Flush during your boiler service.

A Power Flush is a professional level deep clean of your heating and water system. It’ll clean out all the built up sludge and grime in the pipes and radiators and replace it with clean water and a corrosion inhibitor. 

This will vastly improve the efficiency of your central heating system - meaning you don’t need to have it on for such lengthy periods in order to heat your home sufficiently. Save money!

So if you’re in Horsham, West Sussex or the surrounding areas, call Abbey Boilers now and get your boiler serviced before the cold nights close in!

Benefits of having your heating system installed by local professionals in Horsham and West Sussex areas

Benefits of having your heating system  installed by local professionals in  Horsham and West Sussex areas

For those who live in the Horsham and West Sussex areas, the words 'freezing fog and ice' is very

familiar. There is almost never a season that goes by without the weatherman telling us that a cold snap

is set to hit west Sussex or that it is increasingly cloudy, with perhaps the odd spot of rain. Thankfully

there is such thing as heating that makes the British cold weather bearable. At Abbey Boilers, our

heating engineers specialise in domestic boiler servicing, repair and installation with a wealth of

experience in gas, oil and LPG appliances.

With an aim to provide you with only the very best in service, the Abbey Boilers service engineers arrive

at your location uniformed. Each is thoroughly and professionally trained to both GAS SAFE and

OFTEC standards. They are also frequently updating their training with a vast number of boiler

manufacturers which helps us stay informed of any technology industry updates.

Best Boiler Maintenance Tips

Best Boiler Maintenance Tips

You searched everywhere for the perfect heating engineer, finally found the perfect fit, got your boilers installed, and you are finally sitting at home with an eased mind. That’s great! Now that you are the proud owner of a new boiler, it is now time to take good care of your boiler so it serves you long and well. Here are some tips that will help elongate your boiler’s life, and in the long-term, will save you some money.

Professional Heating System Installed by Professionals in Horsham, West Sussex

Did you know that the ideal temperature to keep in a home is between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius? Furthermore, did you know that older adults should keep the temperatures in their home at at least 18 degrees Celsius?

Having a heating system in your home is a must. With the many choices of heating companies out there, it is important to consider the benefits of each heating system professionals. At Abbey Boilers, we are committed to providing our customers the best service we can during each step of a heating system installation.

Why you should choose a local heating engineer !

Why you should choose a local heating engineer !

When having a new heating system installed, there are a few things to consider before making this big investment.

 At Abbey Boilers, we believe that our customers should always be able to reach us if they need to. That is why we provide quality services in West Sussex, Surrey, South West London and Brighton and Hove areas, Full list of are service area can be found here.

We specialise in domestic boiler servicing, repair and installation, and we have also got a ton experience in the field of gas, oil and LPG appliances.

With us, you will not wait on the phone for hours, getting connected to call centres in other countries. You will be connected to us direct, Abbey Boilers, and all of our team is located in the West Sussex area.

Unlike larger brands, choosing to go local will give you a sense of familiarity, as we care for each one of our clients personally. All our professional engineers are also based in West Sussex, so if you have an emergency, you know your engineer is only one phone call away, ready to solve your issue.


Oil tanks and things to consider

Oil tanks and things to consider

When buying a new Oil tank you need to ensure you are complying with the law, but you also need a tank that suits you and your home’s needs. Hopefully this information will help you inform you on things you should think about and ask when getting a quote.

  • Where should you put your tank?

  • What type of tank do you need?

  • Is there east access for you and your delivery driver?

  • What is the best way to install you tank in order to maintain your tank warranty and reduce fire risk?

  • What is the most efficient way to remove your old tank and pipe work?

Firstly, we recommend you get in touch with competent tank installer, like Abbey Boilers, for advice. An installer can advice you on how to comply with various legislation, and make sure the tank works to suit your needs. They will look for nearby watercourses, loose fitting manhole covers, boreholes, a high water table, wells or sensitive groundwater areas. This is because any of these features can affect your tank and may mean you will need a secondary containment around your tank in order to comply with the law. This can all help you save money and avoid illegal tank installations. The best way to find legitimate oil tank installers is check OFTEC to find your local certified installers.

Professional Heating Engineers in Horsham West Sussex

Professional Heating Engineers in Horsham West Sussex

Abbey Boilers is operated out of Horsham, West Sussex and provides professional heating engineering services to the local surrounding areas. Details of our coverage area can be found here.

Regularly servicing your boiler ensures that it is operating safely and efficiently and reduces the risk of your boiler breaking down. But biggest danger is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from poor combustion.

Having a broken boiler can lead to significant health and financial repercussions which is why regular service by a professional gas engineer is always recommended . Abbey Boilers as a heating engineer company, we specialise in domestic boiler servicing, repair, and installation.
Our staff are highly trained with a wealth of experience in gas, oil and LPG appliances so you can feel confident that your boiler is in safe hands.

Big Energy Saving Week: Households given fuel bill saving advice

Big Energy Saving Week: Households given fuel bill saving advice

Households across the United Kingdom are being encouraged to take steps to reduce their energy usage and save money on their fuel bills as part of a nationwide campaign.

Big Energy Saving Week (21st - 27th January), organised each year by Citizens Advice, aims to raise awareness of the simple steps we can all take to lower our energy bills through being more energy efficient.

OFTEC, which represents the oil heating industry, and the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS), the trade association for oil distributers, are official partners of Big Energy Saving Week and are encouraging oil households in the UK to think about their current energy consumption as well as offering money saving advice. 

Despite recent small increases in price, oil heated households in the UK continue to enjoy the cheapest fuel bills of all the main off-grid heating systems and are paying on average nearly £500 less than homes using LPG and over £800 less than those with electric storage heaters.

However, in the cold winter months, there are still ways households can reduce their spending costs even further, without having to turn down the heating.

Households in England and Wales are urged to check on vulnerable neighbours and relatives following cold festive season

Households in England and Wales are urged to check on vulnerable neighbours and relatives following cold festive season

Following the cold festive period, households in England and Wales are being reminded to regularly visit vulnerable relatives, neighbours and friends to check they are keeping warm and well.

The warning comes after 50,100 excess winter deaths were recorded in England and Wales  during 2017/18*.

Those living in rural parts of England and Wales are more likely to struggle to keep warm during the winter season because their houses tend to be older and less well insulated, making them harder to heat effectively.

People living within these households are often at greater risk of developing health problems, such as respiratory conditions, which are made worse by cold temperatures. 

In response OFTEC, which represents the oil heating industry, is encouraging people to regularly check on older relatives and friends to ensure they are taking care of themselves over the colder months.

OFTEC has shared five top tips on things to look out for which could potentially save a life, as part of a free 'Keeping warm this winter’ guide.