The advantage of getting your boiler serviced now ahead of winter with Abbey Boilers based in Horsham West Sussex

So you live in the West Sussex area and you’re considering having your boiler serviced? Abbey Boilers could be the guys for you!

It’s easy to put things like this off, we know! But really, you’ll be cursing yourself for not getting it checked when your boiler lets you down on a dark winter morning and you’ve got to get up out of bed to a freezing cold house. 

In the UK, we often start turning on our heating with some regularity around early October. This means you still have some time to arrange a boiler service and repair from Abbey Boilers, in the Horsham, West Sussex area. 

Test your boiler now! Turn it on for a quick blast and let the radiators heat up. See if there are any obvious red flags that need trouble-shooting. Even without any obvious signs, it would still be wise to have a professional from Abbey Boilers come round and give the whole system a full service.  

If you’re a landlord, then you are legally obliged to arrange CP12s and gas appliance checks annually.. Of course, there are no such requirements for homeowners, but really...we recommend that every home gets a frequent gas safety check, for peace of mind.

Thermostats & Timers

At Abbey Boilers, here in Horsham, West Sussex - one of the key areas we see our customers having trouble is unreliable thermostats and timers. With a thermostat located in an awkward place, like an attic, cellar, next to a window or cooker, it can rec havoc with the temperature reading and cause your heating to come on at all sorts of odd times. 

Malfunctioning or complicated digital boiler controllers/timers can also make things difficult - especially for older residents. 

Pipe Insulation

The benefits of fitting out your house with pipe insulation are two-fold. As we all know, when water freezes, it expands. Now imagine the water in your household pipes freezing during a particularly cold snap in winter. A burst pipe and an ugly situation you don’t want to be dealing with. And you don’t have to. By adding pipe insulation to your boiler system you’ll ensure that the water in your pipes never dips below freezing temperatures. 

The second benefit? Pipe insulation is also going to reduce your energy bills. 

Ask one of our Abbey Boiler service professionals more about pipe insulation during your autumn service.

Power Flush your system
Want another money saving tip? Get a Power Flush during your boiler service.

A Power Flush is a professional level deep clean of your heating and water system. It’ll clean out all the built up sludge and grime in the pipes and radiators and replace it with clean water and a corrosion inhibitor. 

This will vastly improve the efficiency of your central heating system - meaning you don’t need to have it on for such lengthy periods in order to heat your home sufficiently. Save money!

So if you’re in Horsham, West Sussex or the surrounding areas, call Abbey Boilers now and get your boiler serviced before the cold nights close in!